Custom Temporary Tattoo (Up to 9x12 cm)

Custom Temporary Tattoo (Up to 9x12 cm)

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Do you have your own tattoo design? Want to test a design first before you get inked for good? Just upload your designs and we'll print it for you!
  • Tattoo Design Size: Up to 9 x 12 cm. Here's an online ruler.
  • PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES BELOW BEFORE UPLOADING. We are not liable for any problems due to failure of customer to read our guidelines.


    • UPLOADER IS STILL ON BETA MODE. Kindly also email us a copy of your design at
    • You can only upload one image. You can upload one image with one design, or one image with multiple designs. We suggest that you layout your design in your favorite image editor beforehand. For easier layouting, you may download our templates here.
    • The display is just a ratio on the size demonstrating the limit of the width and height of the tattoo.
    • The desired tattoo design must have pure white/transparent background. Designs with non-white background will not look good on the skin.
    • If the actual size is less than half of the custom tattoo size, we will include another copy.
    • Please make sure that the resolution of your image is high (ideally 300dpi). We won't be liable for pixelated images due to low resolution files.
    • DO NOT upload tattoo designs that are already on human skin.
    • DO NOT invert your image. We will be the one to invert it.
    • There's no need to add a white margin around your design.
    • We cannot print white ink. The white areas of your design will be transparent on the actual tattoo print.
    • Lighter colors (especially yellow) will look faint on the skin.
    • We cannot print gold, silver, or any metallic ink.
    • If your image is colored, we recommend that you upload in PNG format. Uploading colored JPEG images can result in slight color differences. (Black & white designs will work fine either way)
    • We don't offer layouting services. Uploaded design will be printed as is.
    • We are not liable for any problems and delays due if one of the guidelines isn't followed.
    • Don't worry, the "Upload your Design" part won't be printed with your design.
    • Make sure that you have permission to use the design uploaded. By purchasing this item, you agree that you have the rights to use the design uploaded.
    • Tattoos must be used up in a year from date of purchase. Tattoos that are stored for a long time will become unpeelable.
    • To reduce our plastic usage, we will combine all tattoo orders into one sheet and packaging. If you want them individually packed, please add a note in the cart page indicating so.
    • This item is MADE-TO-ORDER. Please see our FAQ Page for more details.
    • Order in bulk and get UP TO 70% OFF! Perfect for events, giveaways, and reselling!

    IMPORTANT: Cut-off Details

    This item is MADE-TO-ORDER which means that we only start producing this item once it's paid.

    Cut-off of payments is normally every FRIDAY at 8PM and dispatching is usually the next Tuesday after the cut-off. Our schedule may change but we make it a point to inform everyone at least a week before. For our actual schedule for the month, please see our Updates Page.

    All orders paid before the cut-off will start processing the next working day after the cut-off. Payments made after the cut-off will be carried over to the next batch. Orders not paid after 2 cut-off dates has passed will be automatically cancelled.

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    To avoid confusion & delays, kindly read our Terms & FAQ before ordering!

    Got any questions? Visit our FAQ page or contact us!

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