TRC Reseller Discounts

Earn extra income by selling cool temporary tattoos! Choose from our wide range of designs and pick the sizes that you think will be a hit to your target customers!

Reseller discount only applies to existing TRC designs and custom text tattoos. If you're looking to sell your own custom image designs, kindly fill up this form. We have separate rates for that. 

ONLY P2,500 MINIMUM ORDER! (Before Discount)

 Product Type Discount
Pre-made TRC Tattoos 25%
 Custom Text Tattoos 25%
  • Additional 1% discount for every order placed within 2 months.
  • This will reset to base discount (25%) if no order is made within 2 months.
  • Maximum 30% discount only.
  • All tattoos will be packed individually with TRC branding. Resellers are not allowed to sell the products without the TRC packaging.


    Additional Terms:
    1. Shipping is FREE!
    2. Regular TRC Cut-off & dispatch schedule will be followed.
    3. Reseller can dictate their own prices of the products they're reselling.
    4. Reseller can grab images from TRC's social media pages to use and post online. Reseller is not allowed remove the watermarks from these images.
    5. Reseller can also take images of their own products to be posted.
    6. TRC has the right to revoke the reseller discount if any violations are made.
    7. TRC Reseller discount cannot be combined with other TRC promotions.
    8. We can only provide NOT-VAT Sales Invoice instead of an Official Receipt.

    Once you have finally decided to become a reseller, kindly email so we can proceed to the next steps. We will give you a special discount code and everything must be ordered online.