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Want to shock your friends or relatives with a custom designed tattoo, but not have your skin marked for life? Then our selection of stick-on temporary tattoos is just the thing for you! ♡

The Random Club Temporary Tattoos
Do you like the look of a tattoo, but fear regretting getting the real thing? Would you like to be able to match your tattoos to your outfit, mood, or occasion? Or are you just too afraid of needles to go through the pain of getting a permanent one?

Our cool stick-on temporary tattoos ticks all these boxes, and here at the Random Club we offer hundreds of interesting designs. But it wouldn’t be much of an alternative to permanent tattoos if we didn’t let you choose what you would like on your skin. So we let you type in the text you want or upload your own unique design that we then will turn into a stick-on tattoos and send directly to you!

Whether you choose one of our 300+ ready-to-order designs or design your own, we let you choose exactly the size you want. So you can get exactly the tattoo you need for your next special trip, or even try how a tattoo idea look on you before you get it inked for good.

Our temporary tattoos give you the tattoo experience without the pain. You start by selecting your design from our catalog or you can upload your own custom design. Then we print and send the tattoos directly to you! It will look shiny when first applied but within 24 hours the shine will fade and it will look more realistic!

Our temporary tattoos are completely safe for the skin and waterproof, so you won’t get the awkward peeled off tattoos after washing your arm or taking a shower. In fact, your tattoo will last up to 5 days, and even longer if you avoid exposing it to too much friction.

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We are a small company based in Cebu, Philippines, where we are one of the first to offer custom stick-on temporary tattoos. To keep offering our products at affordable prices, most of our stuff are made-to-order. We have weekly cut-off and dispatch schedules so we can offer you quality products at the best prices.